Elon Musk’s SpaceX WiFi Is Coming and It Could be Next Year

Elon Musk takes a step further in his determination to settle on Mars and save the human race. His SpaceX WiFi is really happening and it could come on everyone’s smartphone next year. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently authorized SpaceX, Elon Musk’s company to launch Starlink. This is a broadband satellite service that brings […]

French Eutelsat eyeing Thales Satellite after plans to abandon ViaSat

Eutelsat Communications SA in France has ordered a new satellite with a view of boosting its broadband as well as in-flight connectivity services. Their previous plan of investing in ViaSat-3 with ViaSat Inc has reportedly been abandoned. Operational from 2012, the Konnect VHTS satellite is supposed to be made by Thales SA, which is a […]

All about the early bird, Intelsat-1 satellite

Intelsat 1 was the very first commercial satellite in global scale in our communications system. It was on this very month, April 6th to be precise, way back in 1965. The Intelsat-1 was nicknamed as Early Bird since it was a pioneer in its field of invention. Placed in the geosynchronous orbit, it religiously followed […]

End of OA-5 mission

Orbital ATK Cygnus OA-5 SS Alan Pointdexter finished its mission in dense layers of atmosphere on November 27. It has spent in space 40 days since reaching orbit on atop of Antares 230 on October 17. It was successful month in space for SS Alan Pointdexter. In spite of fact of delivering over 2300 kg […]

Turn Your Smartphone into a Satellite Phone with this New Device

BivyStick, a two-way satellite communication device has been announced today by Bivy, an application that allows users to find, share and record activities like biking, hiking, climbing, skiing, paddling and more.  BivyStick has been devised to work with existing smartphones, that will offer all benefits of any GPS unit and a satellite-based two way communication […]

Think twice before launching a satellite without the government’s permission!

Do you have any idea what will happen if you launch a satellite into space without the knowledge of the government, but with government funding? Let’s find out! The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is in charge of regulating satellite activities by the U.S companies and citizens. There has been an inquiry on the launch of […]