Magnetic Discovery in Turbulent Space near Earth by NASA

Magnetospheric Multiscale Spacecraft (MMS) of NASA has detected the magnetic activity in the surrounding near Earth in a new way. The high-energy particles have surrounded the planet, and these are protective magnetic field deflected by the magnetosphere. When Earth’s magnetic field absorbs the energy, it can endanger the astronauts, spacecraft and satellites in space. This […]

Does U.S. need a Space Force?

Space has become host to activities of all kind, and nowadays, there is an ongoing but silent race for going to space and doing something that has never been done earlier. Before the last decade, satellites and rockets were meant for something different than what they are intended for now. ISS being privatised, and thus […]

The Cuban Mystery

Satellite images have always brought to our eyes something we can never think of seeing while being on Earth. A Cuban mystery when displayed by one such satellite forced everyone to worry about what was happening in Cuba. In February and May 2018 a newly constructed radome – dome-like protecting radar equipment, made from a […]

The purchase of Orbital ATK

Northrop Grumman, an American global Aerospace and defence technology company was not a leading player in the launch industry, before its acquisition of Orbital ATK. However, the company holds a rich background in producing spacecraft. These days, the company is busy developing a spacecraft bus for the James Webb Space Telescope in Redondo Beach, California. […]

ISS’s privatization 

After the hint given by Jeff Bridenstine, that the White House is not in favor of funding specific projects run by NASA, and that for monetary aid to be taken, the first step would be handing over the International Space Station to the private companies. The upcoming news is that ISS will be split to […]