22nd Falcon-9 mission successful – SES-9 in Space !

Falcon-9 1.2V performed successful lift of SES-9 communication satellite yesterday. Unfortunately, according to SpaceX prediction landing of first stage was failure. This time counting down was not halted – punctually at 23:34 GMT Falcon-9 1.2V with SES-9 on atop lifted off from Cape Canaveral SLC-40. As planned earlier (T+04’00”), after four minutes of flight first […]

Third SES-9 launch attempt not successful – current status “TBD”

SpaceX and SES-9 are really bad luck – third launch attempt was halted due the problems with LOX temperature just before lift-off. SES-9, launch cancelled – it starting to sound like deja vu. Again mission was aborted, but this time it seemed that engines will not even start. Next launch window was not announced, SpaceX […]

Something gone wrong – issues with Falcon-9 1.2V

SpaceX decided to postpone launch of their flagship, Falcon-9 1.2V, for another day. Still SpaceX will try to perform landing of the first stage on their robotic ship on Atlantic Ocean. Short post on Twitter is rather standing in the opposition to open information policy of SpaceX. We know only what was announced in enigmatic […]

Falcon-9 1.2V launch with SES-9 in two hours from Cape Canaveral AFS

SpaceX after postponing launch from 24 February 2016 decided to launch Falcon-9 1.2v today on 23:46 GMT. SES-9 is broadcasting satellite operated by Luxembourg company SES S.A.. It was made by Boeing with utilization of 702HP bus and equipped with XIPS – electric ion thruster and very efficient powering system. Satellite will be placed into orbit at 108.2° longitude east […]

SES-9 confirmed for 24th February 2016 !

Next SES satellite, which will increase potential of SES S.A. Telecommunication Company, will be launched from Cape Canaveral on 24th February 2016 according to SES official statement. SES-9 mission was truly source of headache for SpaceX management. SES S.A. is one of most important customers for launch services provided by Elon Musk’s Company, and this […]

Another pawn on Direct-to-Home chessboard – SES-9 satellite launch scheduled on 20th November 2015

SpaceX after loss of Falcon 9 with CRS-7 DRAGON spacecraft is going to launch upgraded Falcon 9 1.2V with SES-9 satellite under contract with SES. With constellation of 53 satellites SES Company is not going to rest on laurels. On 20th November 2015 from launch site SLC-41 in Cape Canaveral ASF is planned launch of next Direct-to-Home satellite […]