SLS booster motor fired and tested !

It seems that in quite short time PSLV and Ariane 5 will lose their supremacy in being equipped with largest solid fueled rocket engines. Please welcome the SLS solid fueled rocket booster motor by Orbital ATK! Second (first was performed in Utah in 2015) fire test was planned by Orbital ATK at 14:05 GMT but in the […]

New initiative by Orbital ATK

Orbital ATK announced about their proposal of creating manned Cislunar Outpost for NASA. It is possible that this project should be considered as future NASA plan for possessing habitable place in space also with future possibility of permanent habitation. Orbital ATK announced on May 18, 2016, about their project of creating cislunar space station based on […]

Antares static test fire maybe next week !

Orbital ATK is still continuing development of their in house designed launch vehicle – Antares rocket; Company is considering July 2016 as most possible date for first launch since disaster in 2014. Antares failed launch which took place on 28 October 2014 in Wallops Flight Facility did not stopped participation of Orbital ATK in Commercial Resupply Service […]

Money talks-beginning of the judicial battle between Orbital ATK and US Space

Two companies established joint venture for creating new kind of space logistic service and separated before reaching first contract. Now both have same problem – success. Sometimes it is hardest part is to deal with losing chance. Recently, on April 12 2016 Orbital ATK signed with Intelsat first in history contract for servicing satellites in […]

Orbital ATK with first contract for servicing satellites in space !

It seems that new milestone in human presence in space was achieved. Orbital ATK signed first contract for in-space servicing of satellite constellation of Intelsat Company. Intelsat, Luxembourg based company, is one of the leading operators of fleet of communication and broadcasting satellites decided for pioneer step. Company signed on April 12, 2016, contract with […]

Cooperation between competitors – Sierra Nevada grabbed contract from Orbital ATK

On 1 March 2016 Sierra Nevada Corporation announced about acquiring contract for providing Passive Common Berthing Mechanisms (PCBM) for Cygnus spacecrafts made by Orbital ATK. Both Companies were recently granted with NASA Commercial Resupply Services 2 contracts what means that they remain potential competitors in resupply mission for International Space Station. Now, after SNC announcement it […]

Antares already in first half of 2016

Good news from Orbital ATK – their Antares rocket should be ready for OA-5 mission of Cygnus cargo spacecraft scheduled for 31st May 2016. Antares rocket remains official competitor of Falcon-9 in commercial resupply missions under CRS agreement between NASA, Orbital ATK and SpaceX. After last failed launch, performed on 28 October 2014 from Wallops Flight Facility, in […]

Cygnus contaminated with black mold, OA-6 mission delayed

During control of cargo which should be lifted by Cygnus spacecraft to International Space Station, mold contamination was spotted. Mission is delayed, with NET status, for 20 March 2016. Commercial supply missions for International Space Station could be considered as nothing unusual, they just became ordinary part of space launch schedule. Serious failures, like supply mission […]

New Orbital ATK rocket announced !

It is possible that in following years Orbital ATK will present new medium rocket as a competition for SpaceX and ULA. Orbital ATK is targeting to take some part from NROL missions market. On 14 January 2016 Orbital ATK announced about their plans for new EELV rocket; it should not be surprising after US Air Force […]