Orbcomm second generation not affected with any issue

Orbcomm announced on their conference for investors on November 2, 2017 that issue which affected three of their second generation satellites is not general error with whole constellation. Technical glitch appeared on August 2017 when three satellites from Orbcomm constellation suddenly lost contact with ground control stations. Company announced in August that operationality of constellation […]

Orbcomm second generation satellites ready to go! – Falcon-9 1.2V launch planned on December 2015

Launch from Cape Canaveral launch site SLC-40 of next eleven OG2 low earth orbit communication satellites operated by Orbcomm. Orbcomm still continues its planned upgrade of OG-1 satellites. Designed to 4 years missions by Orbital Sciences Corporation and manufactured in amount at 36 are solid base of Orbcomm constellation. But Orbcomm is not resting on laurels, […]