NRO welcomes SpaceX !

SpaceX was awarded with contract for launch services for National Reconnaissance Office. Contract covers single launch planned on May 2017 under code name NROL-76, but it is possible that is only beginning of the cooperation between SpaceX and NRO. According to, SpaceX signed agreement for one launch on May 2017. It will be first […]

Green light for WFIRST

NASA has green light for developing project of new space telescope based on NRO spy satellite. WFIRST acronym stands for Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope and is NASA program for wide-field sky observation devoted especially to research on dark energy and exoplanets. Developed since 2010 space, telescope is designed as medium spacecraft with weight around 6000 kg, powered by solar […]

Delta IV Medium, NROL-45 – launched, injected, operating !

Today ULA put into orbit classified payload for National Reconnaissance Office on atop of their Delta IV rocket. From Vandenberg AFS Launch Pad 6, at 11:40 GMT on atop ULA Delta IV new special, secret payload was lifted into space. United Launch Alliance decided to utilize Delta IV in medium variant also described as Delta 4 […]

Getting new toys for Christmas – ULA is going to modify rockets for NRO

National Reconnaissance Office is one of significant customers for ULA. Close cooperation still tightens. United States Air Force is going to sign contract with United Launch Alliance for modification of two rockets. It is known that at stake are  Atlas V (421)with four meter long fairing (mainly used for large satellites for example Orion satellite with launch planned on 27th […]