New Shepard successfully landed with only two parachutes !

It is truly a milestone on the way of New Shepard to manned commercial missions. Today capsule landed without any problems on two parachutes instead three.  Fourth test flight of Blue Origin New Shepard VTVL launch vehicle was planned to be performed from launch facility in Van Horn in Texas. Plan of the mission covered […]

New Shepard already on Sunday 19th June, 2016

Blue Origin was forced to reschedule flight of their New Shepard launch vehicle from today to Sunday, 19th June. Launch was unveiled recently as fourth test flight of New Shepard rocket combined with unmanned experimental capsule. Launch was planned for today and its objective was test capsule descent with two instead three drag parachutes and […]

New Shepard with new mission already in June !

It seems that 4th test flight of launch vehicle by Blue Origin, New Shepard, is getting close. According to some sources fourth mission of reusable rocket designed and manufactured by Company owned by Jeff Bezos is possible already in this month. Previous three test flights (all successful) were proving that SpaceX is not only company […]

Blue Origin third success !

Yesterday Blue Origin performed third successful start, flight and landing of their New Shepard vehicle. Around 15:18 GMT in Blue Origin launch facility near in Van Horn, Texas, New Shepard fired its BE-3 engine and lifted off. Inside its crewed compartment there was only payload with measuring devices and two science experiments created by students […]

Next Success of New Shepard !

As it was mentioned couple hours ago, Blue Origin performed next attempt of launching and landing of New Shepard.  Blue Origin was focused on simple, relatively affordable and reusable launch vehicle for space touristic. Its variant of reusable technology was as simple as possible-its success was not so spectacular like first landing of SpaceX Falcon-9 […]

Blue Origin next test mission on January 2016 ?

It is possible that Blue Origin New Shepard spacecraft will start again before end of January 2016. Information are not officially confirmed, but according to, Federal Aviation Administration announced restriction covering area of Blue Origin test facility near Van Horn, Texas. Restriction covers 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Eastern Time on 22-23 January 2016 and according […]

Next launch of Blue Origin New Shepard already on 2015

Blue Origin Company responsible for project of New Shepard launch vehicle announced about next test launch before end of 2015. Blue Origin Company is one of less known in space industry. It was founded in 2000 by Jeff Bezos, creator of It is interesting convergence with SpaceX which was founded by Elon Musk also […]