NASA discovers plumes of water coming out from Jupiter’s moon Europa

Large water plumes are gushing out of Jupiter’s moon (Europa), have been discovered. It might be the ideal place in the solar system where once can find aliens. The discovery finds its origins in data that has been present since past. It has resulted in scientists thinking that Europa is one of the primary candidates […]

Proposed budget of NASA proposes 10 million USD to search for aliens

The quest for finding life other than that on Earth has received a new boost. NASA has collaborated with a project called Breakthrough Listen. The motive is to search for more routes and channels to find aliens. On the 7th of May, 2018, Breakthrough Listen provided updates to the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research […]

Earth’s long-awaiting magnetic field mystery Turbulence solved by NASA space crafts

Nasa receives amazing news when a fleet of their spacecraft become successful in solving the historical mystery about the magnetic field of Earth. They were hoping to find out this technique for a long time. Their scientists got data from the four spacecraft that unrevealed the much-needed information about the energy in the magnetic fields […]