Astronaut Feustel Receives Honorary Degree from the Purdue University; He addresses Graduating Students from the ISS.

The commencement ceremony at Purdue University this weekend took an interesting turn this weekend. The university awarded one astronaut who is currently staying at the International Space Station. Astronaut Andrew J. “Drew” Feustel received an honorary doctorate from the Purdue University. Feustel is also an alumnus of the University; he studied solid earth sciences for […]

New Mission Aims to Learn More About the Giant Lightning from Space

The Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor will be launched to the International Space Station to observe the electrical spectacle that occurs above thunderstorms. The effects of thunderstorms are often observed from the ISS, but something different is taking place above the cloud tops when lightning strikes down. The strange occurrence is called Transient Luminous Events and was […]

Servie action of Canadarm2 enters second phase

After two spacewalks in October 2017 when NASA astronauts replaced old LEE-A grapple from Canadarm2, now time has come to start service action of LEE-B. Latching End Effectors A and Latching End Effectors B are installed on the both ends of the Canadarm2 and let robotic arm to move freely around International Space Station from one […]

International Space Station after course correction

International Space Station passed through orbit correction maneuver on September 28, 2017 to prepare for docking of Progress MS-07 planned for October. Course correction was performed on September 28, 2017. Mission Control Center in Korolev sent commands to Progress MS-06 docked to Zvezda module since June 16, 2017. Spacecraft was remotely ordered to initialize its […]

Dragon delivered to Port of Los Angeles after 29 days in space

Capsule of the robotic cargo spacecraft Dragon was delivered Yesterday to Port of Los Angeles from where it will start its journey to another SpaceX facility. Dragon was launched on June 3, 2017 on the top of the Falcon-9 rocket from  LC-39A launch pad at Kennedy Space Center. It delivered to International Space Station 2708 kg […]