Indian Scramjet engine finally tested during flight !

ISRO, Indian space agency, achieved next milestone after successful test of their RLV (Reusable Launch Vehicle-Technology Demonstrator) vehicle conducted on May 23, 2016. This time prototypes of scramjet engine were launched on atop of rocket booster from Satish Dhawan Space Centre on August 28, 2016. This is important step in the whole program of development first […]

RLV-TD, Indian experimental space plane already on May !

According to latest news RLV, prototype of new Indian space plane, will be tested in May 2016. RLV-TD (Reusable Launch Vehicle-Technology Demonstrator) is Indian technology demonstrator created as independent ISRO project of future space plane started in late nineties. Its general shape is based on aerodynamic conception similar to Space Shuttle. Indian space plane will […]

GSLV Mark 3 keeps the schedule – launch planned for December 2016 confirmed

It is not necessary to convince anybody in space industry about potential in ISRO and Indian space industry. If anyone could have any doubts now it should disappear. ISRO finished ground tests of their new cryogenic engine for third stage for GSLV launch vehicle. ISRO is still developing own launch vehicles to remain competitive not only because of […]

India postponed test of RLV to April 2016

ISRO announced on 28 December 2015 about postponing test of Reusable Launch Vehicle from February to April 2016. According to New Indian Express, Indian Space Research Organization informed about delayed in planning test flight of RLV. RLV is prototype of future scramjet unmanned reusable space plane launched on atop of single booster from PSLV rocket. […]