Cygnus cargo spacecraft launched by Antares to ISS

On 21st May, a Cygnus cargo spacecraft was launched by an Orbital ATK Antares rocket to the International Space Station (ISS) with an objective, which might be the swan song for the organization as an independent team. The launch program takes five minutes and gets completed when Antares get lifted from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport, […]

NASA will launch a box of lasers to create the coldest spot in the world

By launching an experiment to the ISS (International Space Station) on Monday, May 21st, scientists are hoping to achieve temperatures which are about a few billion times colder than vacuum present in space. It will help to analyze the atoms’ quantum behavior. CAL (Cold Atom Library) happens to be an ice-chest sized research facility. Its […]

International Space Station: Astronauts replace cooling pumps during the spacewalk

Two astronauts went outside the International Space Station on Wednesday to realign two spare solar array ammonia coolant pump assemblies. They removed a failed unit which is called as the “Leaky” into the storage permanently. In its place, they have attached a permanent one which is called as the “Frosty” for the working of the […]

Made In Space bags NASA contract

In a recent press release, it has been flashed that the “Made in Space” just went another step forward while constructing big and complex structures of the surface of the Earth. The company is a California Based company which created two 3D printers inside the International Space Station. The company has recently secured a NASA […]

Next ISS resupply mission is scheduled for May 20

The next supply mission to the International Space Station is scheduled for May 20. Orbital ATK will provide the launch vehicle for this mission. The vehicle will take off from Wallops Island, a state-owned spaceport on the eastern shore of Virginia. Orbital ATK will embark on the mission via their Antares 230 rocket. The trip […]

Meet the New Member of the ISS, a Robotic Companion called Cimon

A new team member will join the crew at the International Space Station (ISS). Crew Interactive Mobile Companion (CIMON) is an interactive robot that is shaped like a medicine ball with a smiling face. Airbus created Cimon, and it weighs around 5 kilograms. This interactive robot is a floating brain powered by Al technology. Cimon […]

New Mission Aims to Learn More About the Giant Lightning from Space

The Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor will be launched to the International Space Station to observe the electrical spectacle that occurs above thunderstorms. The effects of thunderstorms are often observed from the ISS, but something different is taking place above the cloud tops when lightning strikes down. The strange occurrence is called Transient Luminous Events and was […]