The Environmental Impact of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Program

With the success of the Falcon Heavy launch and plans to use similar rockets to explore and eventually populate space in the future, environmentalists wonder about the long-term impact this may have on the atmosphere. Their concerns are exacerbated by worsening climate change and an already depleted ozone layer. The impact a rocket has on […]

Falcon Heavy already in November !

SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket will be launched into its maiden flight already in November this year, claims CEO of SpaceX. SpaceX latest heavy rocket, Falcon Heavy, remains at assembly facility at LC-39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Rocket is almost finished with all three boosters completed in assembly facility, what was confirmed during show […]

Falcon Heavy Is the Strongest Rocket in the World

Falcon Heavy successfully released from Kennedy Space Center and approximately 5 million pounds of thrust from the large rocket wobbled Cape Canaveral as bystanders cheered the maiden flight of Falcon Heavy. Its 2 side boosters of the 3 core rocket jettisoned and hovered after launch and flew back to its landing pads at the Cape […]

Green fuel research spacecraft scheduled for early 2017

SpaceX Falcon Heavy with Air Force’s Space Test Program 2 (STP-2) payload will be launched in early 2017. One of the major payload seems to keep the schedule – it is Ball Aerospace research spacecraft BCP-100 with new propulsion onboard. STP-2 mission was originally scheduled for October 2016 but due the delay with Falcon Heavy caused by […]

Falcon overloaded with knowledge – Falcon Heavy rocket under the Space Test Program 2 scheduled on October 2016

First contracted launch of Falcon Heavy is scheduled on October 2016. This time payload is provided by U.S. Air Force under the Space Test Program 2. Planned launch site will be Kennedy Space Center LC-39A, USA. SpaceX is continually expanding its offer for government agencies and Department of Defense. Launch scheduled on October 2016 will be research mission under […]

A rise after defeat – test launch of Falcon Heavy from LC-39 in Kennedy Space Center scheduled on May 2016

SpaceX is planning test launch of their new Falcon Heavy rocket. Previous flight on 28th June in 2015 was interrupted by explosion after 2 minutes 19 seconds after start. On growing space service market competition and customers are demanding. In spite of medium weight rockets (where SpaceX with Falcon-9 1.2V has strong position), customers need rockets with […]