Falcon-9 with Formosat-5 after test fire

SpaceX successfully performed test fire before their next launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. SpaceX finished most important test before planned for August 24 2017 launch of the Taiwan’s National Space Organization observation satellite Formosat-5  – preflight test fire of the first stage of Falcon-9. Falcon-9 was rolled out to the  Space Launch Complex […]

Inmarsat-5F4 on orbit !

SpaceX managed to deliver to orbit communications satellite Inmarsat-5F4 during impressive launch and flight. Unfortunately this time we did not see landing attempt of first stage. Inmarsat-5F4 is fourth satellite under Global Xpress constellation will provide mobile internet access services for airline passengers, maritime crews and military personnel. Satellite was originally scheduled for Falcon Heavy […]

NRO’s special payload delivered on the top of the Falcon

SpaceX delivered today to orbit top secret payload provided by National Reconnaissance Office. In flawless flight Falcon rocket managed to perform spectacular landing of the rocket’s first stage. Launch was performed from Kennedy Space Center Launch Pad 39A. It was first contracted launch for National Reconnaissance Office and SpaceX decided to finish it with landing attemptof the first […]

SpaceX delivers Intelsat-35E to orbit after flawless flight

This time SpaceX delivered on the top of their Falcon-9 rocket Intelsat-35E communications satellite. Launch was finished with success, sadly this time we did not see spectacular landing of the rocket’s booster. Finally after two failed attempts SpaceX managed to deliver to orbit Intelsat-35E. Mission was planned originally to be third in a row after […]

Falcon has landed – CRS-8 started with full success !

SpaceX showed with this mission how perfect could be commercially performed launch. This mission could serve as example when everything went according to plan. Just forty minutes before launch weather was described with only 10% chance for “not go”. Visibility was at 11 km with almost cloudless sky. Temperature in Cape Canaveral was around 23°C and wind […]

22nd Falcon-9 mission successful – SES-9 in Space !

Falcon-9 1.2V performed successful lift of SES-9 communication satellite yesterday. Unfortunately, according to SpaceX prediction landing of first stage was failure. This time counting down was not halted – punctually at 23:34 GMT Falcon-9 1.2V with SES-9 on atop lifted off from Cape Canaveral SLC-40. As planned earlier (T+04’00”), after four minutes of flight first […]

Static tests of recovered first stage of Falcon-9 successfully completed!

After recovering first stage of Falcon-9 from last mission, SpaceX was waiting to perform static tests to confirm that everything is ready for next flight. Now we know – reusable technology is working! Basically as we know, reusable technology is based on conception of using same first stage of the rocket in multiple launches. It is […]

Next attempt of SpaceX to land with Falcon-9 on 17th January 2016

SpaceX will try to perform next landing with first stage of Falcon-9 on 17th January during Jason-3 mission. This time Falcon-9 will be in previous 1.1 version. SpaceX is going to keep fast pace of reusable technology development (more about reusable technology You can read here). After spectacular success on 21 December 2015 when first […]

Falcon-9 1.2v became history !

Mission postponed from 21 December 2015 to obtain additional 10% of chance for success entered to history of space conquest. Falcon-9 1.2v started its career as first rocket launch vehicle with tested and proven reusable technology. Just ten seconds ago first stage landed on deployed grids on Landing Zone – 1 in Cape Canaveral. Second stage is […]

Picking up the gauntlet – SpaceX will try to perform rocket controlled landing in Cape Canaveral this year !

Blue Origin success with demonstration of fully operational reusable rocket was like a challenge for SpaceX. We do not have to wait long for the reply. It is possible that in December 2015 SpaceX will try again to land with one of Falcon rocket boosters, but this time not on sea platform, but on the […]