ESA aiming for three new mission concepts

There has been a high energy survey for the previous Universe; there was an infrared observatory to find out the formation of stars, galaxies as well the planet. Along with a Venus, the orbiter is to be also considered for ESA’s fifth medium-class mission in its Cosmic Vision science program which is scheduled to be […]

Lesson learned? Problems with Schiaparelli EDM started already on Earth.

On May 24 ESA announced end of the investigation, which continued since anomaly and crash of the Schiaparelli EDM on Mars surface on October 19, 2016. Lander was destroyed after it hit into Mars surface after seven months of space journey, which started on March 14, 2017. During attempt of controlled reentry and landing EDM lander […]

New opportunities from Arianespace with extended Vega

One of the launch vehicles remaining in the disposition of Arianespace, Vega rocket, will soon show extended capability of delivering and deploying small satellites. Vega, made y Avio, is smallest from launch vehicles offered by Arianespace on the market. According to European Space Agency, Vega will soon be equipped with new payload adapter. This will […]

ESA will continue cooperation under ISS program until 2024

It was rather sure, that ESA will participate in ISS for additional years. But official agreement finishes time of assumptions and opens next period in cooperation with NASA on Low Earth Orbit. It should not be surprising, that Charles Bolden, Administrator of the NASA, expressed his joy after official confirmation of participation of ESA in […]

New Sentinel Rocket launched under Earth-observation program

A new spacecraft have been initiated into the space named as the Sentinel-3B. This satellite was launched with the help of the Rocket from Russia’s Plesetsk Cosmodrome, a little north of Moscow, on 25th April. The primary purpose of this satellite is to observe the earth’s surface – both land surface and water surface. It […]