One of the BE-4 modules destroyed during test fire at Blue Origin facility in Texas

Module containing high efficient turbo pumps installed in BE-4 engine was subject of failure during last test fire of this engine performed at Van Horn test facility belonging to Blue Origin – manufacturer and designer of BE-4. Blue Origin offers BE-4 as main engine for United Launch Alliance future Vulcan rocket and also is planning […]

Continued BE-4 Testing Leaves Fate of Vulcan Rocket Engine Up in the Air

United Launch Alliance is in the process of considering several engines for its Vulcan rocket. Representatives from ULA have previously stated that the BE-4 engine developed by Blue Origin was their top contender, but they have not made any formal decision. This lack of an announcement has led many to speculate that the Vulcan rocket […]

New opening – Blue Origin announces their new launch vehicle !

Yesterday Blue Origin along with Jeff Bezos announced that company will start developing new heavy rocket to conduct first test flight before end of this decade from Launch Complex 36 at Cape Canaveral. Everything started from email sent by Jeff Bezos, who explains whole sense of new project. New launch vehicle is impressive in its technical specification, […]

New Shepard already on Sunday 19th June, 2016

Blue Origin was forced to reschedule flight of their New Shepard launch vehicle from today to Sunday, 19th June. Launch was unveiled recently as fourth test flight of New Shepard rocket combined with unmanned experimental capsule. Launch was planned for today and its objective was test capsule descent with two instead three drag parachutes and […]

New Shepard with new mission already in June !

It seems that 4th test flight of launch vehicle by Blue Origin, New Shepard, is getting close. According to some sources fourth mission of reusable rocket designed and manufactured by Company owned by Jeff Bezos is possible already in this month. Previous three test flights (all successful) were proving that SpaceX is not only company […]

Blue Origin third success !

Yesterday Blue Origin performed third successful start, flight and landing of their New Shepard vehicle. Around 15:18 GMT in Blue Origin launch facility near in Van Horn, Texas, New Shepard fired its BE-3 engine and lifted off. Inside its crewed compartment there was only payload with measuring devices and two science experiments created by students […]