Silence is golden – another classified NRO payload atop Atlas V (421) scheduled on 21st April 2016

National Reconnaissance Office mission NROL-61 utilizing United Launch Alliance ATLAS V rocket is planned on 21st April 2016  . Launch is planned from launch site SLC-41 in Cape Canaveral AFS. There is nothing special in fact, that next NROL mission is classified. As far as payload, we can only have gossips and conjectures. According to […]

Cygnus debut in 2016 – logistic mission to ISS planned on 30th March 2016

Atlas V (there is possibility of utilizing Antares rocket) with Cygnus atop will resupply ISS on 30th March 2016. Launch is planned from launch site SLC-41 in Cape Canaveral. Orbital Science is second after SpaceX American Company realizing supply missions to ISS. It is quite interesting to compare products of two commercial companies, especially due the […]

Red Planet under inspection – InSight mission launch planned on 4th March 2016

NASA mission under InSight Mars lander program.  Payload are InSight lander and two small satellites MARCO (dimensions of satellite are 36,6×24,3×11,8 cm) providing future communication with lander. ATLAS V will start from Vandenberg with two satellites MARCO A and MARCO B. InSight backronym stands for Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport. It is NASA mission targeted for […]

Preparing for guests – Cygnus OA-4 resupplying mission begins on 3rd December 2015 at 05:55

United Launch Alliance is planning to launch Cygnus OA-4 spacecraft with 3500 kg of payload utilizing ATLAS V rocket. Atlas V with Orbital’s Cygnus spaceship providing supplies for ISS since 2013. Generally Cygnus construction is based on two modules: Pressurize Cargo module and Service Module (SM). Cargo module with capacity of 18 cubic meters (there is planned […]

Boeing on the finish, Lockheed Martin at the start – Block IIF – 11 launch planned on 30th October 2015.

11th GPS satellite – BLOCK IIF-11 (SV-12) is going to be launched atop of Atlas V 401 rocket from Cape Canaveral. On 30th October 2015 from Cape Canaveral launch site SLC-41 will be launched penultimate GPS satellite under contract signed between U.S. Air Force and Boeing in 1996. As far as Air Force reduced number of […]

Atlas V with NROL-55 already tomorrow!

NROL-55 mission for National Reconnaissance Office will be launched on 8th of October 2015 from Vandenberg, California. It will utilize United Launch Alliance ATLAS V rocket. Next classified mission is starting on 8th October from  Vandenberg AFB SLC-3. As usual with NRO mission payload   has not been made public. Auxiliary payload is known – thirteen Cubesat  satellites […]