SpaceX after Amos-6 disaster investigation, first flight already scheduled

Previous gossips about reason of explosion of Falcon-9 FT with Amos-6 communication satellite encapsulated under fairing proved to be true. According to engineers and specialists from SpaceX announced that main reason for explosion on 1 September 2016 at LC-40 at Cape Canaveral during routine tests was helium tank. Investigation was finished after over four months […]

Falcon-9 FT exploded before test fire at Cape Canaveral

SpaceX Falcon-9 FT with Israeli communication satellite Amos-6 belonging to Spacecom Ltd. exploded at Cape Canaveral before ultimate trial before launch planned for 3rd September at 07:00 GMT. This test fire was planned to be conducted at Complex 40 launch pad. This accident happened over 14 months after failure CRS-7 mission on June 2015. This time Falcon-9 failed […]

Own path of development – Israeli Amos-6 communication satellite scheduled on 2016

Israel in spite of short modern history of the state has significant contribution in world space industry development. First space focused organization was established in Israel on 1960. It was National Committee for Space Research, working under Tel-Aviv University. Main goal of Committee was intensification of cooperation and intellectual exchange between Israeli academic centers. First rocket was […]