Discovery Of Aliens On Planet Mars

The conditions that are essential for life to survive have developed gradually as days goes by. Understanding how aliens can exist in an abnormal environment is being pushed by scientists as they try to determine the possibility of their survival in unusual habitats. Apart from the earth, life could exist on other planets. However, this […]

Looking for Space-Related Jobs? New Opportunities for Leading Space Companies Wait!

The leading companies such as SpaceX, OneWeb, Blue Origin and Moon Express in Central Florida are looking for a new member to land any space-related jobs and be with the team. This is your chance to literally reach for the stars and the moon up there. They are offering high-paid tech jobs and mainstream jobs, […]

SpaceX joined by Boeing to test space parachutes

As NASA is preparing to send astronauts to space in private space taxis, the two leading US-based spacecraft manufacturers are already running multiple tests on space parachutes for the crucial re-entry phase. Since the end of the space shuttle program in 2011, NASA’s astronauts have been using Russian Soyuz spacecraft launched from Kazakhstan to reach […]

India’s space organization ISRO set to launch navigation satellite on 12 April

A few days ago, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) lost contact with its newly launched communications satellite-GSAT-6A while on the way to third and final orbit raising. The satellite was intended to complement its previously launched GSAT-6 satellite to better the communication system in the country. The organization’s Master Control Facility (MCF) situated at […]

“It’s Business Time” for Rocket Lab

An American aerospace manufacturer, Rocket Lab aims to launch its first commercial Electron rocket carrying satellites for at least two companies. The company will launch its small rocket just three months after completing its second test from its privately-owned launch site.  Electron made its first flight in May 2017, four years after its development. The […]