NASA’S Mission of knowing Mars better

Landing on the red planet, Mars has been done by NASA almost six years back. Presently, a robotic geologist is in the making as it will be sent to Mars for getting deeper information about the planet. A spacecraft named Mars InSight is said to take the pause of the planet and also take measurements […]

Facebook might be hatching covert plans to make an entry into satellite-based internet

Joining OneWeb and SpaceX, Facebook might soon be able to provide internet services using satellite. An inquiry filed with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) the week before, brought to light details regarding an experimental satellite from a not so well known company by the name of PointView Tech LLC. Named Athena, the spacecraft will provide data […]

A launch from the West Coast by NASA

NASA has made plans to go to Mars again this type to explore in big depths. It has made plans to go to the Red Planet with a spaceship that will dig deeper below the planet’s surface to find more about it. The InSight will be launched on top of an Atlas V 401 rocket […]

The most Innovative project of SpaceX 

One of the ambitious goals of SpaceX which will cost billions of money is to construct a huge satellite that will beam internet. This new goal of SpaceX will change the world completely. The project is officially known as Starlink which aims to send thousands of satellite on the company rockets to a lower orbit […]

Data Analysts and Satellite Operators Agree on the Necessity for Speed Data 

Most geospatial data companies are focusing on acquiring satellite imagery as well as offering it to different customers.  Planet co-founder and chief strategy officer Robbie Schingler said that speed is very salient and will never not be crucial. He also added that speed is an area of innovation.  His company depends on 30 ground stations […]

Long March 11 delivers five satellites into space

The booster, Long March 11 launched five commercial satellites into orbit. The flight took off on Thursday, April 26, 2018. The satellites carry hyperspectral imaging and video sensors that will capture a large part of the earth. These satellites are part of the Chinese Zhuhai 1 constellation that is created to survey natural resources, plants, […]

TESS Nears its First Orbit Raising 

Last Saturday, the launching of NASA’s new hunting spacecraft mark is a success in the discovery of Exoplanets. Now, the aircraft is on its way towards the orbit of the moon. The process is going to be a two-month process that would yield discoveries of other Earth-like planets around  There are five thrusters inside the […]

NASA’s Autonomous Spacecraft Is Powered By Blockchain Technology  

In today’s digital generation, blockchain technology continues to arise. About this, NASA’s Autonomous Spacecraft will be powered by the latter technology. It is said that NASA’s future spacecraft will be using the technology of cryptocurrencies which is popularly known as the Bitcoin. NASA will support an arising $330,000 project that aims to establish an autonomous […]