Future possibilities if the sun dies

Sun being a star at the center of the solar system is the most important source of energy for life on Earth. It has always been a matter of investigation as what will happen if the sun dies. The death of sun implies to the fact that it will run out of its fuel in […]

Navigation Satellites to use Desi Atomic Clock developed by the ISRO

The Indian space agency ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) has recently developed an atomic clock with the aim of using it in navigation satellites for measuring the precise location data. The agency has been using atomic clocks imported from Astrium, European aerospace manufactures for its navigation satellites. An ISRO official stated that the SAC (Space […]

Department of Commerce faces a steep learning curve

A new policy is awaiting approval of President Trump where he is slated to appoint Department of Commerce as the public face of space traffic management. Currently, this job is being handled by Department of Defense. The job profile involves answering various queries of the private and the commercial space companies, various foreign government agencies […]

Pakistan pushes for homegrown satellite development

Pakistan for a long time has been dependent on the assets provided to them from the foreign countries for their civil and military applications. Therefore to come out of this dependence Pakistan came out with an ambitious satellite program. This is one of the most significant efforts from the country to remain self-sustain and reliable. […]