Orbital ATK Names its New Rocket as OmegA 

Orbital ATK announced the name of its new and world-class rocket: OmegA, which is meant for the Air Force’s Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle program in the U.S.  OmegA is specially designed to send approximately 22, 266 pounds to a particular geosynchronous transfer orbit. It can also send 17, 196 pounds to a specific geostationary equatorial […]

Martians Exist

Several space agencies collaborate in a large sample of the Telefónica Foundation on the red planet. Yes, Martians exist. Not because the hope of finding life on Mars has grown a lot since we Earthlings have been observing it, which is about five millennia. Or dreaming about it, which will be about 100,000 years, from […]

SpaceX Fires Falcon 9’s Nine First Stage Engines at Cape Canaveral

Chilled liquid propellants were loaded into a 2-stage Falcon 9 rocket by SpaceX’s launch team. They fired the rocket’s 9 Merlin 1D booster engines at the Complex 40 launch pad in Cape Canaveral. A cloud of exhaust was seen from nearby viewing points. According to SpaceX, the static fire test was successful. The activity was […]

Atlas 5 Rocket Prepared for High-Altitude Multi-Satellite Journey on Saturday 

The United Launch Alliance (ULA) team at Cape Canaveral are summarizing the final preps for the takeoff of the Atlas 5 rocket on Saturday evening, adding 3 United States military satellites straight to transmit an Orbital Bass of over twenty thousand miles across the Equator.  The Atlas 5 551 configuration features a five-meter payload fairing, […]

Instagram live with will smith: strange questions pop up for the interviewed for space station astronaut drew feustel

On Thursday, April 12, Will Smith called to the International Space Station via Instagram Live and got a chance to talk with one of the astronauts. This is the first-ever Instagram Live video streaming from space. Will Smith has the amusing conversation with Drew Feustel, NASA’s astronaut and a flight engineer for the Expedition 55. […]

Robot Bees On Mars

According to CBS local NASA has shown its intentions on whatever they are planning to do in space exploration. The space agency has released news that they are working on building a swarm of robot bees that will fly on the surface of the Red Planet. A press release on 30th march claimed that they […]

Can Humans Conceive In Space?

When we talk about space very extraordinary ideas cross our minds, people ask themselves a lot of weird questions when it comes to space. You remember when people were asking if human beings can survive in space? Then it was proven that they indeed can live in space. Scientists have conducted studies to understand space […]