Weird Asteroid discovered in Jupiter’s orbit

Again an interstellar asteroid has been found. This time it is within Jupiter’s Orbit. As per the latest report, it is going to stay for a long-term rather than moving away from its position. In the previous year during October, astronomers with the help of Pan-STARRS telescope which is kept in Hawaii declared that they […]

Back In Real Life? Curiosity To find out fresh Drilling Technique on Saturday 

A trial of another percussive penetrating system at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. On 19th May of 2018, NASA’s Curiosity wanderer will test percussive boring on Mars out of the blue since the month of December of the year 2016. NASA’s Mars meanderer Curiosity could return to its old shake penetrating ways soon.  […]

SpaceX gets backing for boosting “Space Taxi.”

In the latest release, the safety group of NASA has said that the plans of the SpaceX to lit off its “space taxi” rockets at the time when astronauts are on board is very much a possible option. Some NASA officials have raised serious concerns over the company’s “load and go” policy whereby the fuel […]

British Company is planning to venture into deep Space communications. The network gets a new investor. 

A Billionaire with a British Nationality has invested in space communication company that has ambitions to support commercial trips beyond the Earth Orbit. Goonhilly Earth Station company has announced that Peter Hargreaves, who among the people that created British financial company Hargreaves Lansdown, did invest $32 million in the firm. This company does operate a […]