Latest in the moon exploration Projects, China Launches its Relay Satellite

A Chinese Lunar exploration mission got into operation as China in a successful bid launched Relay Satellite for a communication setup between earth and Moon. The Lunar exploration mission is all about exploring the far side of the moon which is still mysterious to a large extent.  The Queqiao has a life of three years […]

China All Set to Launch Relay Satellite to Moon’s Other Side On Sunday

If everything goes according to plan, China is all set to launch the robotic lunar-probeprogram on May 20th, Sunday. The Queqiao relay satellite will be launched from a Long March 4C rocket from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center of Sichuan Province at 2100 GMT (about 5 p.m. EDT).  As far as its route is concerned, […]

NASA Safety Advisory Panel Says About SpaceX’s Rocket Process Appears ‘Viable’

A few days back, the entire safety advisory group of NASA weighs in SpaceX extremely scrutinized suggestion to the load rocket propellants while some of the astronauts are aboard; saying it merely appears to be a “viable option.” There are several members of Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel was there who has described the entire story […]

NASA to now welcome Science Instrument Ideas for Europa Lander Mission

NASA’s much-awaited lander mission to Jupiter’s ocean-harboring moon called Europa is expected to take shape soon. Now the agency is asking the scientists to submit their ideas and suggestions for the multibillion-dollar mission. It might include signs for any life in past or present on Europa near or at the moon’s icy surface as well […]