Virgin Galactic’s Second SpaceShipTwo Makes Second Powered Test Flight Virgin Galactic is drawing closing to its plans to embark on space tourism and research flights. The company made a test flight on its SpaceShipTwo suborbital spaceplane on May 29. The Spaceship named VSS Unity is the second spaceship built for the company. The spaceship launched […]

Johns Hopkins engineers giving a hand to NASA reestablish connections to departed ‘zombie’ satellite

Spacecraft design specialists dispatch a satellite; they don’t anticipate that it will keep going forever. So when the NASA orbiter known as IMAGE vanished from view following five years in a circle, few were frightened. What stunned the field came last January when a beginner satellite watcher saw IMAGE in the skies again following twelve […]

A Spaceflight from the exoplanets is more troublesome than you may suspect

The quantity of extrasolar planets (commonly called “exoplanets”) that have been found to date is extensive; right now near 4,000. These planets are amazingly various as far as size and creation, with an expansive extent being gas monsters, I.e., Jupiter and Saturn. A little extent of these exoplanets are accepted to be rough planets, and […]

Why Is NOAA’s Weather Satellite Going Blind?

An extremely costly satellite’s initial a while in space is turning out badly. The cooling framework that the multibillion-dollar gadget needs with a specific end goal to watch the air legitimately neglected to begin, leaving the satellite halfway visually impaired. Named GOES-17, the glitch orbiter is new from the National Oceanic and the Atmospheric Administration […]