One of the Main Contractors, Boeing Will Have Its First Crewed Blast Off in Space – Flight Is More than Just a Test

Boeing’s first test flight is designed more than just its sole purpose. From the preceding days just this month, NASA had announced that they already have an update about its commercial crew contracts with one of the main contractors, Boeing Company. To be exact, Boeing was one of the two main contractors, together with Space […]

The Fun Of Looking Up To A Satellite

It has always been everyone’s dream to see a satellite with naked eyes whether actual or artificial. On the other hand, some have never taken time to think of what a satellite looks like. A satellite is easily and clearly visible with a binocular or a telescope. Nothing excites me than having a golden opportunity […]

Cornell Lab designed satellites set to take off to space

Space research and technology development is done in many labs, small as well as large scale. From university departments to small funded companies, many scientists have ground breaking invention to boast, but not everyone get recognized by NASA. Since money is the only crunch that limits small scale company inventions, NASA decided to get the […]

In Preparation for NASA’s Private Space Taxis, Boeing and SpaceX Runs Several Parachute Tests

In preparation for NASA’s plan of sending astronauts to space aboard private space taxis, the agency collaborated with SpaceX and Boeing in running several parachute tests. These tests are necessary to find critical details on the re-entry phase. The tests serve as another breakthrough in the renewed interest in sending American astronauts back into space. […]