Meet the huge container for Transporting Satellites to Launch Site

Article written by Mrs. Sara Black and republished from Satellites are built with a great loot of specifications using different specialized materials which all costs a large sum of money. Before the launching experience which includes the rigors of the environment, vibrations due to speed, etc. it has to be transported safely to the launch site. […]

Elon Musk vision of Mars is another story

In the year of 2015, a blockbuster movie was released named as the “the Martian” where astronaut Mark Watney reaches Mars accompanied by five other explorers. IT was shown in the film that the Ares III mission lands at the pre-assembled outpost, with adequate food, water, and air to sustain them for 01 months. They […]

The Jupiter’s Moon Ganymede – New Findings

New data on Jupiter’s moon Ganymede, highlights the ways in which it is almost Earthlike. It shows Auroras on this alien moon in a New Light. Auroras are wrapped by a strong magnetic field, and it can also harbor oceans. Auroras shine on its polar caps. Data taken from Galileo spacecraft is now helping scientists […]

Satellite Internet by Facebook

The news was surfacing in the recent past that Facebook is on the verge of implementing an internet satellite in the outer orbital world. This will help in boosting the connectivity and bringing better access to the internet. Working along with Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg may head to head lead in the space. FCC filings […]

NASA plans to launch Block 5 Falcon 9 next week

This Monday SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket will be launched from the Kennedy Space Centre. It will carry with it Bangladesh’s first geostationary communication satellite. This information was found from the latest Eastern Range launch schedule. SpaceX will start the much-awaited transformation to Block 5 version of the Falcon series, which has an upgraded efficiency and […]

The Eagerly Awaited Launch of Insight Lander by NASA – A Historical Landmark?

If things go as planned, the launching of NASA’s Interior Exploitation using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport (Insight) lander will take place. The agency wants to ensure that there will be an interior exploration of the Red Planet. Its mission is to study what we call earthquakes here though on Mars. In addition to […]

Australia to set up its first Space Agency

Australia is all ready to establish its first Space Agency. Even though the focus is to utilize for commercial space, the main aim would involve scientific researchers as well. The Australian government would invest AUD 38 million to run the company and get it running. The government officials are expected to make the official announcement […]

China to Test Rocket Usability Using the Long March 8

China is developing a launch vehicle whose first stage they can reuse, and the vehicle will first launch in 2020. Speaking at a space conference in Harbin, China Academy of Launch Vehicle’s Long Lehao revealed that the academy has plans for a Long March 8 medium launcher. According to the initial plan, they wanted to […]