Too much junk floating in space

You can see the night sky full of stars, but what you cannot see with bare eyes is the enormous amount of junk material that is also floating in the air. Yes, it’s true, too much of garbage is floating in the space, and the credit goes to us, i.e., the humans for the same. […]

NASA sending helicopter to Mars

NASA has made all the plans to include a helicopter within the 2020 Mars Mission that NASA is dealing with. This statement was released on May 11. The vehicle is supposed to undergo a month’s test campaign to find out if the Martian surface can sustain a vehicle more onerous than the aircraft. According to […]

Features of Ariane 5

Ariane 5 has been designed to carry satellites and other payloads into the geostationary orbits or to low-Earth orbit. Ariane 5 is a heavyweight rocket which is specially designed for such purposes. The rocket is maintained by Arianespace, and Airbus Defense and Space are manufacturing it. The program is precisely monitored by the European Space […]

Earth’s long-awaiting magnetic field mystery Turbulence solved by NASA space crafts

Nasa receives amazing news when a fleet of their spacecraft become successful in solving the historical mystery about the magnetic field of Earth. They were hoping to find out this technique for a long time. Their scientists got data from the four spacecraft that unrevealed the much-needed information about the energy in the magnetic fields […]