Satellite images confirm the intensity of devastation caused by Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii: A river of hot lava fills up an entire ocean bay

Following the continuous eruptions at the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, a massive flow of lava wiped out the neighborhood and filled the Kapoho Bay on Tuesday, 5th June. Satellite images released on Wednesday, 6th of June portrays the intensity of devastation caused in the region and around the bay.  Reports confirmed that hundreds are left […]

Planet nine is not required? Small objects are enough for explaining weird orbits

Space rocks have created unusual orbit, though they are small in size but are present in a very disorderly manner because of which they keep pushing one another and created these orbits. According to some of the astronomers these orbits are believed to be the signature of hypothesizing “planet nine,” as suggested by a new […]

NOAA’s New Weather Satellite 

NOAA better known as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s has Delivered Amazing First Images Despite the difficulties faced due to the Defect in the satellite. A year back, we had partially ancient satellites to send information about the weather conditions and the 1990s era was that of probabilities and possibilities, nothing was guaranteed. We […]

China to launch Fengyun-2H weather satellite on June 5

China would launch its last Fengyun-2 satellite on June 5. The geostationary weather satellites will launch aboard the Long March 3A rocket. The rocket will lift-off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center at 13:10 UTC.  The satellite underwent space environmental tests last month before they transported the satellite to the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. The […]