Chemical bonds using trapped ions are the world-first quantum computer simulation

An international community of researchers has gained the world’s first multi-qubit quantum chemistry calculation demonstration performed on a system based ions. This is one of the famous hardware platforms in the competition to develop universal quantum power.  University of Sydney physicist Dr. Cornelius Hempel, the researcher explores that a promising gateway for introducing effective ways […]

ALTAIR, Pathfinders’ satellite surpasses 10,000 hours in orbit by millennium space systems

Picture credited by NASA. On May 17th Tuesday, Millennium space system announced its ALTAIR pathfinder satellite, a complete year of successful on-orbit operations. The satellite has 10,000 hours of flight heritage. Previously it is planned as a six-month mission, and then it accomplished all planned goals and doubled its intended functional lifetime.  The pathfinder ALTAIR […]

Liquid water Hidden under South Pole Planet detected by Mars Express

The Red Planet is the evidence for its watery past across its surface in the form of large dried-out river valley networks and fantastic outflow channels imaged by orbiting spacecraft. Orbiters and rovers together with lenders are exploring the Martian surface. It is discovered that the minerals can form in the presence of liquid water.  […]

Hydropower could threaten the food security of Cambodia

In Cambodia, farmers and anglers depend on the Mekong River’s predictable seasonal patterns, but hydroelectricity news dams are altering the hydrology of the river. These changes have ultimate threaten to livelihood, fish migration and regional food security. A new paper from the Lowa state university and the University of Illinois urges a participatory approach for […]