US Environmental Group to Launch its Own Methane Detection Satellite 

A US environmental group, The Environmental Defense Fund plans to spend tens of millions of dollars on a detection satellite to detect methane leaking from gas and oil industry installations.  The project that will be funded by private donations is planned to offer public information, which could be utilized by oil firms, investors and anyone […]

Why NASA Wants To Extend Boeing’s First Crewed Flight To The International Space Station

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is determined to launch crewed spaceflights to the international Space Station from U.S and for this reason NASA has been looking for private commercial space companies to take over the launch of crewed spaceflights. NASA has contracted both Boeing and SpaceX to pursue the crewed spaceflight launch back […]

New Government Probe Found Out SpaceX is Not Obliged with the Zuma Spy Satellite Loss

In the early days of January, the rocket company, SpaceX obstinately denied the rumors that they had botched operation in the launching of Zuma, a classified spy satellite. Now, there is a new government investigating body the cleared the rocket company for the incidence and said that they should not be the one to take […]

IRNSS-1I: 8th Navigation Satellite

The 8th navigation satellite IRNSS-1I will be the replacement for the 1,425 kg IRNSS-1H satellite which was to be slung into the polar orbit at 507 km above the Earth. IRNSS-1H launched on 31 August 2017 was expected to replace IRNSS-1A, the first of the seven constellation satellites, which was rendered ineffective after its three […]