The lithium battery’s black box: Complete looking inside 

Lithium metal batteries have excellent power for future generation energy storage because this metal has a negative electrode, which is 10 times more theoretical significant capacity than the graphite electrode used in commercial Li-ion batteries. It has the most negative electrode energy among materials for making correct negative electrode and lithium batteries.  Lithium is one […]

Unit standards new launch announced for Smallsats

During a small briefing at the small satellite conference in Logan, Utah Aerospace Corporation ( Aerospace) announced of a new satellite ( smallsat) called launch unit ( Launch-U).  This standard offers major advantages to the smallest industry manufacturers, satellite users, and launch providers by maximizing access to space and minimizing launch costs. It enables the […]

Quality of perovskite performance boost by researchers 

Solar cells require slimming down. Solar cells are absorbing photons from sunlight and transform their energy to move electrons. This enabling the production of clean energy and offering a dependable route to help protect change of climate. However, most of the solar cells used extensively today are very thick and stiff. These limit their application, […]

To improve the accuracy of measuring devices researchers use nanotechnology

Federal scientific research center and scientists from the higher school of economics have synthesized different multi-layers nanowires in order to know their magnetoresistance properties. Developing this effect will provide the scientists to maximize the indicators accuracy in various measuring instruments like radiations and compasses monitors. The study result has been published in the structure paper […]

Silicon building block share made to measure

The board of silicon ranges applications from medical cosmetics and implants to corrosion protection is an essential topic in terms of global corrosion damage that is estimated about $ 3.3 trillion annually.  In order to cross-link and produce the silicon-based synthetic materials for significant materials for the long-chain polymers. For example- the viscosity of the […]

Solar fuel generation could revolute by the new two-dimensional material

In 2004 the isolation of graphene started to synthesize two-dimensional materials. 2D materials are thick and have a single layer substance. The atom and nanometers are between them. They have genuine properties linked to their minimized dimensionality and play a major role in the improvement of nanoengineering and nanotechnology. The group of international researchers including […]