Can Space and Time Be Quantized?

Science is all about making sense of everything in a scientific manner. There are various scientific approaches that a scientist can take to understand anything and everything. The most common way is to find the most fundamental thing that multiples to create something that is being observed. For example, any matter can be broken down […]

Satellite Monitoring over the Decade reveals the secrets behind Antarctic Ice Loss

At the University of Maryland, the University of California and the University of Leeds, scientists reviewed satellite measurements of decades and revealed the secrets behind why and how Antarctica’s ice shelves, glaciers and sea ice have been changing.  Andrew Shepherd, professor of Earth observation with the University of Leed’s School of Earth and Environment and […]

There are more huge stars in the universe than what the scientists assumed

As per recent studies, there are surprisingly vast numbers of massive stars spotted across various regions of the world, making it more interesting to know how the galaxies evolved near and far.  Using ALMA – Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array at Chile, astronomers investigated vast bouts of stars formations in about four gas-enriched, distant and star […]

Magnetic Discovery in Turbulent Space near Earth by NASA

Magnetospheric Multiscale Spacecraft (MMS) of NASA has detected the magnetic activity in the surrounding near Earth in a new way. The high-energy particles have surrounded the planet, and these are protective magnetic field deflected by the magnetosphere. When Earth’s magnetic field absorbs the energy, it can endanger the astronauts, spacecraft and satellites in space. This […]

ISS’s privatization 

After the hint given by Jeff Bridenstine, that the White House is not in favor of funding specific projects run by NASA, and that for monetary aid to be taken, the first step would be handing over the International Space Station to the private companies. The upcoming news is that ISS will be split to […]


Juno was sent out to study Jupiter on August 05, 2011 and has been orbiting the giant planet for about two tears. This mission was supposed to end when JUNO would crash into Jupiter’s clouds after July 2018. But there has been news of some changes in the schedule of this $1 billion mission. NASA […]