Magnetic Discovery in Turbulent Space near Earth by NASA

Magnetospheric Multiscale Spacecraft (MMS) of NASA has detected the magnetic activity in the surrounding near Earth in a new way. The high-energy particles have surrounded the planet, and these are protective magnetic field deflected by the magnetosphere. When Earth’s magnetic field absorbs the energy, it can endanger the astronauts, spacecraft and satellites in space. This […]

ISS’s privatization 

After the hint given by Jeff Bridenstine, that the White House is not in favor of funding specific projects run by NASA, and that for monetary aid to be taken, the first step would be handing over the International Space Station to the private companies. The upcoming news is that ISS will be split to […]


Juno was sent out to study Jupiter on August 05, 2011 and has been orbiting the giant planet for about two tears. This mission was supposed to end when JUNO would crash into Jupiter’s clouds after July 2018. But there has been news of some changes in the schedule of this $1 billion mission. NASA […]

168 days, the countdown ends

The most awaited moment of welcoming a space crew which will be soon replaced by another in a matter of two days came today when a Japanese physician-astronaut, a Russian cosmonaut, and a NASA flight engineer undocked from International Space Station. The landing was commenced in Kazakhstan today at 5:16 am (GMT-4). Anton Shkaplerov monitored […]