Value Investing and Growth Investing – What Are They?

Stock trading or investment is one of the most sought investment options for many investors. It does require some evaluation and lots of patience. Stock trading is not just about buying and selling stocks of different companies. However, it’s more about reading those companies, and there are two standard approaches – Value Investing and Growth […]

The Best CBD Products For Young Adults

CBD products are popular with people of all age brackets. But it can be said that the younger age demographic is the larger market in the industry. And part of this reason is that younger people are more open to new products and ideas. The current younger generation is especially health-conscious and more likely to […]

Spotify playlist push the tempo!

Spotify playlist placement acts almost winning role in popularizing the author of the song and the composition itself. The results were quite interesting, they can be used by both the musicians themselves and the labels that own the rights to music. In addition, many details may be useful to ordinary users who listen to music […]

20 satellites deployed by ISRO during 36th flight of PSLV !

Today at 03:55 GMT PSLV-XL rocket deployed twenty satellites including spacecrafts created by USA, Germany, Indonesia and Canada. Main payload on atop rocket launched from Launch Pad 2 in Satish Dhawan Space Centre was three Indian satellites: Cartosat-2C-third military optical reconnaissance satellite, SathyabamaSat and Swayam satellites. Objective of the mission planned for today was Circular Low […]


Boeing announced that their CST-100 Starliner manned spacecraft will be launched for the first time with 6 months delay. News came in pair with show of new aerodynamic concept of Atlas V/CST-100 combo. Boeing and United Launch Alliance have had problems with general aerodynamic conception of Atlas V/CST-100 Starliner combo from some time. Boeing announced […]


Roscosmos is planning to use their Federation spacecraft for unmanned mission in 2021. Spacecraft is still under development, just as second part of Vostochny Cosmodrome, where first mission of Federation will start. Federation, along with Angara launch vehicle and Vostochny Cosmodrome are fundaments of Russian space program after transformation of Federal Space Agency Roscosmos on […]