Rice farm’s Nitrous oxide emissions are a factor for global climate concern

Intermittently flooded rice farms will emit forty-five times additional inhalation anesthetic as compared to the utmost from unceasingly flooded farms that preponderantly emit paraffin, per a brand new study revealed in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. This raises the prospect that rice farming across the globe may well be answerable for up to […]

Earthquake in Japan

It is a true saying that the natural calamities like an earthquake can come anywhere and at any time and this occurrence of Earthquake has severely affected the people of Japan as the country has been badly hit by the same. The country experienced the earthquake at the magnitude of 6.6 Richter scale which is […]

MIT Energy Initiative study reports on the long run of energy

How will the globe win the reduction of deep carbon emissions that are essential to reverse or slow the impacts of climate change? The authors of a brand new university study say that unless energy is meaningfully incorporated into the worldwide mixture of low-carbon energy technologies, the challenge of temperature change is going to be […]