NASA is in the process of testing a device which will protect space travelers from being stranded in space

It doesn’t matter how many times an astronaut has traveled into the unending darkness above the Earth; there is always a fear of ending up stranded. NASA recognizes this and is in the process of testing a “cosmic compass” which will guide space travelers back home. The device is similar to a “sextant,” which uses […]

Tons of methane produced from mud volcanoes

Within the seabed, there is the presence of thousands of microorganisms that play a pivotal role in the global carbon cycle. However, till now, it is very much unclear as to what extent geodynamic procedures, for instance, subduction of oceanic plates impact such microbial activity which subsequently tends to have an impact on the carbon […]

Is North Korea going to keep its Promise?

As per its promises, North Korea has not begun dismantling its missile launch sites. In a program hosted by the US-Korea Institute at John Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies, the analysis made with the help of satellite imagery posted the known locations of North Korea’s missile launch facilities. As per the report of […]

Take a sneak at what’s killing NASA’s Opportunity Rover – The Martian Storm

With the current dust storm encircling Mars, NASA’s Opportunity rover has been seriously hit with critically low battery levels. First spotted on 30th May, the intense storm covers almost a quarter of the planet and threatening to end the 14-year life of Opportunity by blocking light. These dust storms on the Red Planet has been […]

Japan and Space

The country where technology is at peak, an innovation the way of life and zero-error tolerance a common phenomenon – Japan – has stayed quiet for quite a while, amongst the noise of SpaceX, Blue Origin etc. What has been Japan doing lately for space exploration? Here’s what you missed: An intelligence-gathering satellite has been […]

Bad news for Tesla employees

Elon Musk’s innovative car manufacturing company Tesla has again come into the headlines, but not for a new update in the automobile industry. This time it is shocking and sad news. Nine per cent of the existing workforce in Tesla will be cut off. Elon mentioned that it was a difficult but necessary reorganisation. This […]

TV Stations & Satellite Operations Negotiation after Granting of Harrison County FCC petitions

According to country judge, Hugh Taylor, the Federal Commission Communication has granted its access to Texas TV channels. The satellite providers and news stations can implement this. He said they won’t do anything at this point. The FCC has 120 days to review or deny the market modification after the submission of the petition. After […]