NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope discovered source of neutrino to the giant black hole

This is the first time; the scientist has found the source of a neutrino with high energy present outside our galaxy by making use of NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope. This neutrino present outside the universe has traveled for almost 3.7 billion years at the same speed of light before it has been identified on […]

Introducing Top Performance Nitride Semiconductor for Environment-friendly Photovoltaic

A research team at Tokyo Institute of Technology has discovered that copper nitride acts as P-type conductor and an n-type semiconductor, which using a significant nitriding technique applicable for computational search or mass production. This resolved electronic and microscopy analysis by using synchrotron radiation relevantly. These above P-type and n-type nitride semiconductors made up of […]

Plants gene can reveal the unexpected detour, which could improve biofuel yields

Since years, biologists believe that there is a critical enzyme in plants which creates amino acids, which are essential for the survival of plant and human diets. Well, according to Meng Xie, Wellington Muchero, and their team, this enzyme does more what is there in the advertisement. The team has done series of experiments on […]

With next-generation robotic cockroach now it is possible to explore underwater environment even better

Picture provided by: Harvard Microrobotics Lab Cockroaches can survive underwater for the duration of at least half an hour. With the advancement, a robotic cockroach is expected to survive underwater even more than it. A Harvard’s Ambulatory Micro Robot which is popularly known as HAMR can walk on land and swim in water. Also, it […]

Motors are not required for future robots

To develop micro as well as a biomimetic robot, a lot of items are researched by the scientists. Such elements involve artificial muscles and medical devices, actuating materials that can invariably change their volume under various stimuli. These materials are utilized to mainly replace the age-old bulky and heavy actuators including motors and pneumatic actuators. […]

NASA’s Defense Department supports space Traffic Management Role to Commerce Department 

The leaders of US strategic and the leaders of NASA have offered their support to the space traffic management role, as the Washington house prepares to take up the bill providing the new traffic management authorities for space management.  According to officials on June 22nd, at a joint hearing of the space house science committee […]

Americans express confidence in what the private space companies are trying to accomplish  

According to a recent survey by the Pew Centre survey, many American citizens has expressed confidence on private space companies, that they will make a valuable contribution in the development of safe and reliable spacecraft or may be conducting researches in increasing space knowledge. Private players like the SpaceX, Blue Origin and the Virgin Galactic […]