Overview of Inmarsat Fleet Mail

Overview of Inmarsat Fleet Mail

Inmarsat Fleet Mail is a secure and reliable email communication service designed specifically for maritime applications. It is a part of Inmarsat’s suite of Fleet Xpress services, which provide high-speed broadband connectivity to ships at sea.

Fleet Mail is a vital tool for maritime businesses, allowing them to communicate with their crews and shore-based personnel in a secure and efficient manner. The service is available to all vessels equipped with Inmarsat’s Fleet Xpress terminals, which use a combination of Ka-band and L-band satellite technology to provide high-speed internet connectivity.

One of the key benefits of Fleet Mail is its security features. The service uses advanced encryption technology to protect emails and attachments from unauthorized access, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential. This is particularly important for maritime businesses, which often deal with sensitive cargo and other confidential information.

In addition to its security features, Fleet Mail is also highly reliable. The service is designed to operate in even the most challenging maritime environments, with a network of redundant satellite links and ground stations ensuring that communications remain uninterrupted. This is crucial for businesses that rely on email communication to coordinate their operations and make important decisions.

Fleet Mail also offers a range of features designed to make email communication more efficient and effective. For example, the service includes a web-based portal that allows users to access their email accounts from any device with an internet connection. This means that crew members can check their emails from their personal devices, rather than having to use shared onboard computers.

The service also includes advanced spam filtering and virus scanning, which helps to prevent unwanted emails and protect against malware and other threats. This is particularly important for businesses that rely on email communication to conduct their operations, as a single virus or phishing attack could have serious consequences.

Overall, Inmarsat Fleet Mail is a vital tool for maritime businesses looking to improve their email communication capabilities. With its advanced security features, reliable performance, and range of productivity-enhancing features, the service is an essential component of any modern maritime operation. Whether you are a shipping company, offshore oil and gas operator, or any other type of maritime business, Fleet Mail can help you stay connected and secure, no matter where your vessels are located.