Spectacular Heart Themed Gifts to WOO your BEAU this 14th February’2021

Gurgaon, January 29th 2021- When it comes to Valentines, its all about matters of the heart! Expression of love always symbolises with heart and keeping that in mind, Indiagift.in has launched a spectacular heart theme gift collection that is sure to woo your lover. The gifting site that boasts of a romantic valentine gift store is focussing on showcasing heart themed gifts to surprise your beau.

Indiagift is a gifting site for the millennials that merges the contemporary with the modern gifting ideas. While the website offers traditional gifts like cakes, flowers etc. it also has a modern selection for boys and girls to gift to their girlfriends and boyfriends. With Valentine week starting from 7th February, the website announced free shipping on all its heart themed valentine gifts. The gifting collection includes heart shaped cakes, heart shaped flower bouquets and arrangements, heart cushions, heart handle mugs, heart boxes for chocolates etc. The choices are unlimited when it comes to matters of the heart! All one has to do is have the heart and love for someone to order.

The trending gift of the valentine season are LED heart shaped cushions which light up when one presses them. Made of pristine white color with options of personalisation of photos or valentine quotes on them, these LED cushions light up all matters of the heart. Bring to light the love you share with your beloved and romanticise your relationship when you gift someone this exciting valentine gift. Other personalised gifts for valentine are also available on Indiagift.in which include valentine mugs, photo lamps, coasters with quotes, fridge magnets, photo frames and much more.

Other than the valentine custom gifts that can be personalised with memories, photos and romantic quotes, there are also a plethora of valentine cake designs available in heart shape. All the popular cake flavours ranging from belgian chocolate to black forest to mix fruit can be custom made into heart shape caked to be gifted to your valentine. The pick of the season will remain Red Velvet Cake with its red seasonings highlighting the valentine love.

Red Roses shaped in a heart arrangement continue to be the hot favorite product for valentine’s day gifts. Lovers continue to send red roses along with other gifts to show their love. Indiagift has launched a large selection of red roses arrangements in heart shaped. Several of these bouquets come with designs of chocolates to make up for a complete gift idea. So what are you waiting for? Don’t be a last minute lover!