26-year-old Karsten Goodwin, from Blooming Grove Township, Pike County, PA, recently had the experience of a lifetime, helping design interior plans for NASA space exploration vehicles. It is more than likely these plans which will be used in the production of these vehicles in the future.

The PA native recently spent several weeks interning at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. Goodwin, a Rhode Island School of Design student internship project included designs for living spaces such as crew quarters onboard future space vehicles as well as other various parts.

Goodwin has always been interested in art and design, his father recalls. An artist of sorts himself, a former musician. He went on to recall several versatile LEGO creations designed by his son, as well as many other diverse art projects. He also states remembering a day that he came home to find young Goodwin cutting down a tree located in the front of their home because he needed the material for a sculpture.

Young Goodwin received art lessons from his mother, Anne Vemming Goodwin, a passion he continues to persue to this day. Apparently, Goodwin found inspiration in his great-grandfathers paintings, who was at one point an artist who traveled in Europe.

These days, he works with everything from sculptures, castings, and paintings. Some of his work has even been featured in Scranton exhibits known as the Independent Artist Collective. Goodwin’s father, Cornelius, has voiced great admiration of his son for following his heart and working at a career in a field that he is truly passionate about.

The young artist graduated from Wallenpaupack Area High School back in 2010 and pursued studies in mediology and mechanical engineering in Denmark. He quickly realized that he was not at all interested in continuing in the field and returned to the United States. It was only then that he became receiving attention as an artist.

Upon returning the PA, Goodwin signed up for art classes at a community college in Philadelphia before being accepted to several art schools including RISD, which he plans to graduate from later this summer. Aside from interning with NASA, Goodwin worked briefing with robotics design in London.

Goodwin views his current success as his redemption both in life and as an artist and has bright hopes for the future. Whether or not he will work with NASA again is left to be seen.