Canadian Space Agency is funding around 15 from Team of U of M, Winnipeg students for the space exploration and to conduct their research. As per the reports, Jenni Sidey, one of the well-known Canadian astronauts announced the name of 15 teams among which one is from Winnipeg that will design, build and launch their satellites into space. He made this announcement at the University of Manitoba on 4th May.

The Canadian Space Agency selected the team of students from the university after years of tinkering. The team will work and send a satellite into the orbit. Other than this, it is reported that 15 teams are selected and awarded the amount ranging $ 200,000 to $ 250,000 across Canada by the space agency. With the amount, they will not only design but also build their satellites.

It is told that these selected teams will launch CubeSats into space. The CubeSats will be the satellites-small in size and square in shape. They could carry sensors, cameras or whatsoever could come inside them to help for future endeavors. The cubes are the size that can fit an adult hand. However, just like the Lego blocks they can be arranged to accommodate the things of choice and use.

It is going to be a challenge for the students to squeeze every desired component in their cubesat. Batteries, computer chips, and other related items are essential to place inside the CubeSat, and now it all depends upon them how they will keep them inside.

As per the Canadian astronaut Jenni Sidey, “the projects essentially give researchers the ability to conduct their space mission.” She further added and said the whole venture would be an excellent opportunity for the students to explore their knowledge about the space and to implement it in the best possible ways.

“We want to encourage people to be interested in space and to enter the space profession,” she said. “By reaching out to people who are engineers and scientists in university we’re igniting that spark early.”

Matt Driedger, an engineering doctoral student at the University of Manitoba, told that the group of engineering students designing satellites just for fun today would have a lot of hopes with such funding and projects. He said space is pretty hard and it is not possible for everyone to accomplish such tasks without zeal and enthusiasm. If one likes the space science, he will get compelled to work on its aspects.