SpaceX is planning to launch thousands of satellites to bring the best quality and high-speed internet to the world. The agency also aims to double the current-functioning satellites. Elon Musk, the founder, and CEO of SpaceX, also aims to emerge satellites internet sector and to beat all of his competitors.

Even by the SpaceX CEO standards, his goal of sending 4,425 low-earth orbit satellites into space will provide people with the high-speed internet access. The scale of the ambition is unprecedented, yet most of the companies have lost billions of dollars on the venture of satellites.

There are several reasons why Musk is the man that will make all of these things work. First, is his track record which proves all the doubters that they are wrong. Despite the frequent delays, Elon Musk still manages to prove his plans and to make people amazed by his previous launches. The second reason is that the satellite economics market has changed a lot, partly because of the SpaceX interventions. SpaceX has helped lower the cost of every launch. By 2025, Musk plans to recover the $5 billion revenue from the launches and a $30 billion from that of the satellite internet.

According to Greg Autry, a professor of Clinical Entrepreneurship at UCS Marshall, he said that he would never be against Elon Musk. He also added that at Musk has achieved what anyone else says is impossible to do. Musk has the guts of running the company right, and Greg also believes that SpaceX will surely succeed. Autry also says that there will be a widespread belief that the company is profitable. There have been new investors who are planning to support the SpaceX which includes Fidelity and Google.

He also highlighted the fact that Musk has maintained the financial control of the SpaceX which gives the company more room for maneuver. Everything Musk does in line with his ultimate plan of colonizing Mars. One of the biggest challenges is the launch schedule. Musk aims to have all the launches in-house, but he needs to partner with other companies to pursue the launch.

Autry is excited about the plans and goals of Elon Musk together with the SpaceX. He also said that he is a huge fan of space. He also supports the plan and belief of Elon Musk of saving humanity through colonizing the planet Mars.