As per the reports, SpaceX has grown its revenue to a great extent and crushed the Amazon stock funded Blue Origin. It is one of the biggest achievements of SpaceX’s founder Elon Musk apart from his different successful missions to the orbital world. While SpaceX would have 100 more commercial launches by the end of 2020 and more than 200 by 2023, Blue Origin is lagging far behind with just 3 to 8 commercial launches. Also, SpaceX should be flying the SpaceX BFR which is again a great achievement for it.

In the year 2017 SpaceX has completed 18 launches successfully. It is estimated that it has $ 1.4 billion in revenues and the levels of profitability are rising with each passing year. In the current year, till date with seven paid launches along with SpaceX heavy launch, it has become one of the most influential one in the market. With the target of around 30 launches in the year 2018, along with many Air Force and NASA launches it will earn a lot more money. SpaceX is heading to over $2 billion per year in revenue.

On the other hand, Jeff Benzos who is funding Blue Origin with $1 billion per year in liquidated Amazon stock got crushed by the SpaceX. In the year 2011, Blue Origin started the work on the BE-4 rocket engine. It is expected that the first flight of the new launch vehicle- the Vulcan will happen no earlier than 2019. In the current time, Blue Origin with the mission just to complete the engine qualification testing is in progress. However, Blue Origin’s New Glenn rocket which is 7 meter in diameter with its two or three stage orbital launch is expected to happen not before 2020.

The launch is divided into three stages as follows:

  1. This stage is designed to be reusable for up to 100 missions. It will land vertically which is the technology developed by Blue Origin. It was also tested in the year 2015-16 on New Shepherd suborbital.
  2. The second stage will use two BE-3U vacuum optimized engines and will share the same diameter as the first one. Using hydrogen or oxygen as the propellant; the mission will proceed.
  3. The third stage which is also optional will make use of one BE-3U engine again which has already been used by the Blue Origin on the New Shepard.