White holes which are supposed to be just the opposite of black holes could well be the reason behind the mysterious dark matter which is thought to make up the most of the Universe, as per the data of a recent study. The researchers have even predicted the fact that these mysterious white holes may be behind the Big Bang. It has researched that black holes are so powerful in their gravitational pull that even light, which is considered to be the most powerful element in the entire universe, cannot avoid them. It is not at all predictable regarding the boundary of such black hole which actually marks a zone of no return. This position is actually known as the event horizon.

The black hole is considered to be one of the predictions of Theory of general relativity as envisaged by Einstein. The exact opposite of black hole is the white hole. The most contradicting feature between them is that just like nothing can return from the event horizon of the black hole similarly nothing can enter into the event horizon position of the white hole.

Earlier studies have revealed the fact that black holes, as well as the white holes, may be interconnected. It is also predicted that the element of matter and energy has fallen into the loop of the black hole which has actually originated from the white hole. Such emergence might have taken place either somewhere else in the cosmos or it might have taken place in another separate university altogether. It is further believed by theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking, that black holes need to evaporate the mass by emitting the radiation. It is further believed that those Black holes which lose more mass as compared to what they gain are highly expected to shrink further and subsequently vanish.

On the other hand, Rovelli, as well as his colleagues, have further suggested that the black holes which are likely to shrink will not disappear entirely. The reason behind this fact is that such black holes are made up of indivisible quantities which are known as quanta. In case of research work, space-time is measured in quantum. This will help to measure the nature of gravity in terms of quantum mechanics. This will be able to describe the nature of all the particles that are pretty familiar and enclose them into a single theory that will enable to describe all the forces of the universe.