The students are thinking big with their, and it is not merely hypothetical or imaginary, but the small satellites with which these students are experimenting will find a space in the International Space Station in November. Minutes before the rocket arrives, a hatch will open, the so-called ThinSats will be released into space, and they will start rotating the Earth over 100 miles away.    

Students starting from class three to class 12 will be allotted five days to track their satellites and gather all the necessary information for their study purpose before they get burnt up while trying to re-enter in tot eh Earth’s atmosphere. It is a program which is believed to have been in the making for a long time. Around 100 students are involved starting from Wise, Russell, Washington and Bland countries as well as from the city of Norton. The Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority is behind this initiative. It is this authority which is funding the entire project and also helping the students in times of need.

One of the science teachers from the Eastside High School is very excited about the project because she feels that a lot of scope regarding teaching is available for this given project. A lot of experience can be gathered while collecting and analyzing a variety of data. Also, weather patterns can also be appropriately recognized. But the organizers feel that the primary objective of this program is to arouse interest among the science-interested kids in such a part of the state which generally gets overlooked regarding technology innovation.

Jack Kennedy has been in charge of this program from instead an unusual position since he has been operating from as the West County’s circuit court clerk. This program does fall outside his purview, but he says that he feels very proud and energetic to be a part of his lifelong dream to help his hometown youngsters beyond the coalfields.

Mr. Kennedy belongs to this place only, where he used to do the odd jobs in the coalfields when he was young. He studied law and was subsequently elected to the General Assembly. Today he has cemented his position as a county clerk, and he has t his fingertips all the activities that are going on in the West in respect of innovation of latest technology or any economic development.