In a recent study, it is revealed that magnetic explosion takes place in a great portion of the Earth’s magnetic field. Scientists including a professor of the University of Delaware want to know how this activity creates an impact within the region in space closer to the Earth where the majority of the human-made satellites are positioned.

Scientists are aware of the magnetic reconnection process which is prevalent in the space for so many years. When a magnetic explosion takes place within the lower density, gas tends to form between stars and the planets. After conducting a recent survey, the scientists have found out that a similar activity takes place within the wild part of the Earth’s outer atmosphere as well. This outer atmosphere is known as the magnetosphere.

According to Michael Shay who is the astronomy and physics professor working in the University of Delaware, believes that such phenomenon is referred to as “magnetic reconnection” which includes a low-density gas which is called “plasma” and such an event takes place between the stars and that of the planets. It appears to be a stick of dynamite or even an atomic bomb. 

Shay has also added that the process involves massive quantum of magnetic energy and subsequently release the same into a gigantic explosion. The process involves supersonic flow and also requires emission of energetic particles. This explosion could be very devastating as the sun’s magnetic field combines with the Earth’s magnetic force and may lead to the destruction of the satellites or could even be very harmful to the astronauts.

If an astronaut is unlucky and he falls in between a solar storm, then the astronaut will inevitably suffer a severe dose of radiation. This concern has made NASA officials bothering for an extended period. Mainly since NASA has been sending humans to the moon mission and if any of such astronauts fall prey to a solar storm that would be very much devastating since the astronauts will be open to space for a more extended period.

The researchers have further found out the fact that magnetic reconnection has been using four spacecraft which are orbiting the Earth to take different measurements. Shay has the responsibility to run the simulations of various magnetic reconnections so that he can help other fellow researchers to find out the data and the context of their observation. He has further added that his next step would be to utilize these spacecraft to find out how useful this phenomenon would be.