If Trump’s words see the light of the day, the United States’ security will be tighter than ever. The deduction of a possibility was after a speech. Last month, while addressing the West Point football team, he remarked a space force military branch. During that speech at the White House, he went further to express its function. Once a war would be beyond the atmosphere of the earth, the branch would be in charge of the same.

Back in March while in California, the president highlighted the idea to the members of the military. It has for a long time had support from the Congress. However, the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense by the name Pentagon are not for the idea. The milestone would be remarkable. Why not when that would be the first new sector since 1947 when the establishment of the Air Force took place?

According to Trump, he was floating the idea. He said that he wasn’t serious about the matter, but it was not a bad idea altogether. The need of the force is because of the enormous amount of work carried out in the space. He acknowledged that he warmly welcomes a possibility of having space corps.

Terry Virts had something to comment on the matter. He said that it wouldn’t mark the beginning of space operations by the military. The source is reliable because Terry once served as a commander of the International Space Station. Equally important, he was a veteran of the U.S. Air Force for three decades. What did he tell Peter O’Dowd of Here & Now? Read on to find out the opinion of this legend.

His thoughts were as follows. The space department in the force is not a new thing. It is common to countries and states with a stable military, and the United States is not an exception. In the case of the United States, that happened half a century ago. Therefore, it is not about creating a military branch in space. It should be about making the existing one better and productive. In addition to that, military’s organization should be in a more efficient manner.

Since the Pentagon is against it, the chances of its existence are low. The Air Force is already complicated according to its secretary, Heather Wilson. This idea will only make the matter worse. On the other hand, war is taking a different shape. The next one would be in space as far as Rogers is concerned. What happens next is something that all we can do is wait for eagerly.