An advantage that Blue Origin drone ship has is its reusable rocket landing. It includes a seafaring ship owned by Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos. Jeff told that he is in a hope to earn some competitive advantage over Falcon 9 rockets by making some motions in the ocean.

Jeff’s space company is now gearing up the launch its upcoming rocket, New Glenn Rocket. This was announced by a host, Ariane Cornell during the webcast of an eighth test launch of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket. New Glenn will have the power to send satellites to orbit, along with other payloads and hence it is going to be a great competitor for SpaceX. Adventurous visitors on suborbital flights are taken on Shepard rocket to space.

New Glenn, just like Falcon 9, will be designated to launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida and can be landed on a ship at sea. The Blue Origin ship won’t be able to park at a designated spot in the Atlantic. It will be in motion instead. It is designed to launch and land in higher sea states. Cornell explained more about their upcoming project and told that they intend to have a more reliable schedule for their customers. Cornell is company’s staff working in business development and strategy field.

Rough waters have compelled SpaceX to leave plans to recover one of its Falcon 9 rockets. This was in March. Waters were so dangerous with swells of nearly 6 meters high (20 feet) on that day.

So Blue Origin is a new competitor for Musk and SpaceX and time will tell if Blue origin can win over them. SpaceX has a notable head start when it comes to launching and landing of orbital rockets that can carry big payloads. They have already completed 13 successful sea landings. They have also figured out how to hold a rocket with moving ship, and they are expected to conduct dozens of more landings. New Glenn is not supposed to go into service until the 2020s.

Space has now become an area where one needs to be more innovative to reach the top. There are many companies with satellites and other equipment in space. With the technological advancements, new ways are found to travel to space for scientific as well as enjoyment purpose. In the coming years, we can hope to see to see space travel as great part of enjoyment and tourism.