Miguel Claro is one of the most influential astrophotographers who has got professionalism in capturing images related to space and outer world. His work is recognized in many places. Working as a European Southern Observatory photo ambassador, a member of The World At Night and the official astrophotographer of the Dark Sky Alqueva Reserve he has got enough exposure to the world of space and is, therefore, one of the best to take expressive pictures of space.

Miguel Claro’s new work showcases “A Lunar Landscape Shows a Full Moon Reflected in the Acid Water of Mina de São Domingos.” It is as spectacular and breathtaking as it could be. He took these photographs at an Old Portuguese mine where the moonlight is reflected off as a red puddle of acid water. In this photo, the moon is looking as if it is a Martian landscape covered in water. This shot was captured at São Domingos mine in Achada do Gamo.

This mine is abandoned for a long time. Located at in Iberian, Pyrite Belt it was once a major source of major metals and elements like sulfur. The acid water is created by the leaching of iron and other chemicals. This give rises to ocher or reddish color. Dated back to the year 1850 and 1960; around 20 millions of materials were extracted from the mine. Serrão Martins Foundation which is a nonprofit organization in Portuguese gave the data related to it which is also working for the protection of the mine.

As per the astrophotographer, if the photo was taken from Mars, the reflection achieved this time of the puddle of water would not have ever come. According to him Earth and Mars are too far away to even think about getting such shot. Such a bright, round reflection in a puddle of water on Mars could only be possible if it came from a bright source like our sun. The two moons present in the Mars namely- Phobos and Deimos are not like the moon of the Earth. Rather they are potato-shaped and look like lumps in the Martian sky.

Till date, Miguel Claro has captured hundreds of breathtaking images, but these are superb and awe-inspiring. They are loved by the different space agencies as well as the space enthusiasts.