With only about a week to the launch of the upgraded Falcon 9, SpaceX is getting ready. Its technicians at the Cape Canaveral are doing all that they can to see to it that the configuration will be a success. There are several reasons that the mission was initiated in the first place and that means that if it will be successful, there will be benefits. For instance, the astronauts will be safer than they have been. In addition to that, the company will reuse the first stage boosters easily and at a relatively low cost. The company must be excited given all the gains. The material day will be 4th May.

On that day, at exactly 4 p.m. EDT, the launch window will commence. It will last for about 2 hours and 25 minutes. The launch will throw the communication satellite for Bangladesh. This satellite was built in Europe and its name is Bangabandhu 1. Once it launches on the Falcon 9 Block 5’s maiden, things will change for Bangladesh. There will be a reliable passing of data across Bangladesh as well as its environs. In addition to that, it will provide not only Ku-band but also C-band television broadcast. There will be other missions after that.

Back to the upgraded rocket, it is brand new and its name is Block 5. It recently landed in Florida after its final test at the development site of SpaceX in McGregor, Texas.

Earlier, I had highlighted the advantages that come with the upgraded vehicle. They will be possible because the update aims at ensuring that the Falcon 9 meets all the human-rating requirements of NASA. In addition to that, SpaceX will not only recover but also reuse the first stage boosters that have a relatively great speed. That is all thanks to the modifications that the upgrade introduces.

On Monday 30th April, there will be the hold-down engine firing of the rocket. The venue will be at launch pad 39A. This time around, they are keen on the matter. SpaceX has not forgotten what happened in 2016. They still remember vividly the fact that there was an explosion of a Falcon 9 rocket. It was as a result of friction. The technicians considered such issues.

There are so many strategies to see to it that the launch become a success. It is a changing endeavor and many people and nations would appreciate its success. It is all about time as of now.