All thanks to the signing of a contract between the Effective Space and ArianeGroup, a milestone for the SPACE DRONE aircraft will be experienced. It will be in a position to fly to higher heights. That will become possible because of the use of an electric propulsion system. The approach comes bearing benefits that are hard to resist. First, it is highly efficient. Second but equally important it is compact as well as lightweight design is a plus. It is capable of ensuring that SPACE DRONE weighs not more than 400 kilograms. For that reason, the costs of launching it will be minimal.

That is something many people would believe in. Why not when it is ArianeGroup we are talking about? It is one of the most popular contractors. It was the major one for not only the Ariane 5 but also the Ariane 6 launchers. The two are of Europe. In addition to that, it is an expert when it comes to the propulsion technology. That would only mean that no one is expecting a disappointment.

There was an announcement about the spacecraft launch to space. The American-based agency responsible for that is the International Launch Services. The aim of sending it there is for it to service old satellites. For it to manage that, it has to reach the geostationary orbit. The advancement would only mean that it is better and ready for the expedition. Continue reading to find out what the parties said about the same.

What did the Founder as well as the CEO of Effective Space say? For Arie Halsband, there was the appreciation of The Arclight technology as one of the best. He terms this move as the beginning of bigger steps. It will not only save on cost that satellite operators incur but also open the door to other opportunities. He was glad to be a supporter of such a program.

According to the ArianeGroup Head of Orbital Propulsion, Effective Space is one of the very first people to join the new regime. He goes by the name Stefan Hassler. The announcement to him was enough evidence that the industry will advance. He hopes that it will be a success. In addition to that, he is looking forward to working with the Effective Space for more projects. How this one goes will determine the future in several aspects.