Through a new MasterClass video series, Hadfield is sharing space’s knowledge. Its debut was on yesterday, the 24th of April. It aims at assisting not only the space tourists but also the astronauts. They will have an easy time when they go for missions in space in the future. It is about the importance as well as the benefits of spaceflight.

With the help of his wife Helene, he began working on the series last year. Why is it a high recommendation that you pay attention to his teachings? Let me take you through the various reasons.

Chris Hadfield is a legendary Canadian astronaut well-known in his country. Between 1992 and 2013, he served at the Canadian Space Agency. In November 1995, he flew in space a mission specialist in the STS-74. He got an opportunity to visit Mir which is the Russian space station.

His next visit to space was in April 2001 on STS-100. That is when he visited the International Space Station (ISS). While there, he not only walked in space but also assisted with the installation of the Canadarm2. It is important to note that he temporarily went blind during this particular mission. That was as a result of the cleaning fluid that came into contact with the eyes. It caused him much pain not forgetting an unclear vision because of the tears. Things got better after he opened a purge valve in his spacesuit. That was the solution to clearing the contaminated tears.

The third trip and the second one to ISS was in December 2012. His spacecraft was Soyuz TMA-07. He also became a member of the Expedition 34. That was the case until he left for Expedition 35. It was after becoming the commander of the ISS in March of the following year. That trip earned him public recognition. The reason is that he caught the attention of many people through the posts on Twitter as well as YouTube. He landed in May 2013 but before that he had earned the following of many. The last video that he uploaded from space went viral.

With such first-hand information, I can’t imagine a better person to teach matters concerning space. Regardless of retiring from the CSA after his last landing 5 years ago, he has remained relevant. He has written three books so far. Chris teaches at the University of Waterloo. Equally important, he is one of the greatest speaker and commentator of space facts. On top of that, it is much better than his already great lessons. It is worthwhile and you should check it out.